Cybersecurity has never been more important

The pandemic has made it harder for European cybersecurity companies to stay relevant in their market and has increased the need to expand their commercial exposure far beyond their traditional home markets. This landscape can be challenging for companies who do not have enough means to achieve their full potential under these circumstances. However, a good starting point is recognizing that they are not alone in the struggle for a more robust presence in Europe and raise awareness of their strategic value.

Working together to advance Cybersecurity in Europe: Cybersecurity Made In Europe LABEL

To European cybersecurity companies position themselves on the market and be recognized as European, the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) has initiated the Cybersecurity Made in Europe Label. This initiative involves introducing an industry-driven quality label, designed to promote European cybersecurity companiess and increase their visibility on the European and on the global market. The Label will contribute strongly toward a stronger vision of a cyber-secure digital Europe.


  • The Label allows companies to boost their visibility among potential business partners, end-users, and cybersecurity investors.
  • The Label serves as a market differentiator based on geographic location.
  • The Label enables companies to become part of a catalog of qualitative European CyberSecurity services and technology providers and promote their business based on trusted European values.
  • The Label raises awareness of the strategic value of cybersecurity companies originating in Europe and developing their business based on trusted European values.


Companies meeting the following requirements can express their interest:
  • European-based: The company must provide reasonable assurance that there is no major ownership/control from outside Europe.
  • European ownership: The company must provide reasonable assurance that there is no major ownership/control from outside Europe.
  • Europe as a primary business place: The company must demonstrate that it has >50% of cybersecurity R&D activities and >50% of staff (FTE) located in the EU27, EFTA, EEA countries and the UK.
  • Trustworthy cybersecurity products and services: The company declares to comply with ENISA’s Indispensable baseline security requirements for the procurement of secure ICT products and services
  • Data and privacy: The company declares to adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Want to apply?

Companies can express their interest in obtaining the Cybersecurity Made in Europe Label and submit their application electronically for the eligibility check.

Here is the list of digitally signed documents they will need to send by email ( by using the available templates here:


The registration of the Label has a cost of € 600 (excl.VAT) and covers the administrative cost and the rights to be passed to ECSO.


The Label is valid for 12 months, and the re-issuance takes place automatically once the payment is received (the Labels that have been issued during the launch period, ending on 1 March 2021, are exceptionally valid for 18 months).